Certification-Professional Healthcare Housekeeper (PHH)


 Criteria for the O.H.H.A. Professional Healthcare Housekeepers’ Inc. Certificate Program (PHH)


Each applicant must be a Member in good standing with the Ontario Healthcare Housekeepers’ Association Inc.

 Each applicant must reach a credit level of 120

 The credits assessed must be attained as per the following schedule:

 Section A:      Total of 100 credits

 Section B:      Total of 20 credits

 Section A   100 Credits

 Successful completion of the Professional Healthcare Housekeepers’ Certificate Program (PHH), consists of the following two components:

 1.         O.H.H.A. Required Courses                                                  30 Credits minimum

–           Housekeeping Methodology                                                                          10 credits

–           Infection Control                                                                                                10 credits

–           Laundry & Linen Technology                                                                        10 credits

2.      O.H.A. Credit Courses                                                            40 Credits minimum

           One course required from the list below

        Environmental Services Level 1                                                                   20 credits

–           Environmental Services Level 11                                                                 20 credits

–          September 2014- Level 1 and 11 will be replaced with an   EVS Leadership Program  40 credits

  3.    Additional courses from the list below

–           Human Resources                                                                                              10 credits

–           Financial Management & Budgeting                                                          10 credits

–           Health Law                                                                                                            10 credits

–           Adult Education                                                                                                 10 credits

–        Occupational Health & Safety                                                                     10 credits

–          Workplace Ergonomics                                                                                 10 credits

–          Effective Leadership                                                                                       10 credits


a) Preceptors of the above courses

b) Authors of the above courses

c) Exceptional courses may be used in lieu of the above courses after  review and approved by the OHHA Educational Committee.

Section B      Employment Requirements  20 Credits                                                                                                    

1.  Healthcare Facility Employment (must have work place experience under  Sub-section 1. a)

    a)         Housekeeping

             i)          Department Head – Housekeeping                       2 years           20 credits

            ii)         Assistant Department Head – Housekeeping    3 years           20 credits

            iii)        Supervisor – Housekeeping                                  3 + years           20 credits

    b)        Non-Housekeeping in a Health Care Setting

              i)          Department Head Laundry/Maintenance/Dietary                           3 years           15 credits

                 ii)         Assistant Department Head Laundry/Maintenance/Dietary       3 years+         12 credits

                iii)        Supervisor Laundry/Maintenance/Dietary                                         5 years+         10 credits

                iv)        Supervisor in a Health Care Setting                      2 credits per year maximum   10 credits

 2.  Non-Healthcare Facilities Employment

a) Housekeeping/Environmental/Laundry/Maintenance/Dietary     Department Head     3 + years                   15 credits

b) Housekeeping/Environmental/Laundry/Maintenance/Dietary    Assistant Department Head       3 + years            10 credits

 Section C      Conditions

 1.         Each applicant must include photocopies of certificates and credit courses.

 2.         Each applicant must include a signed letter to verify the employment requirements as per Section B.

 3.         All applications will be addressed to:  Wendy Boone-Watt 

                                                                     Executive Director, O.H.H.A.

                                                                     2053 County Rd 22

                                                                     Bath, ON. K0H 1G0

                                                                     Ph. 613-352-5696 Fax.  613-352-5840


  4.         The OHHA Education Committee will evaluate all applicants.

 Please note there is a $100 process fee for the initial certification and a $25 annual renewal fee. See the criteria below for renewal.

 Criteria for Renewal of the PHH Certification

 Proof of continuing education in the healthcare housekeeping field. Include  photocopy of certificate of successful completion.

 Proof of attendance of educational conference and/or seminars geared toward the advancement of professional development in healthcare housekeeping.