What is Member Assistance Program (MAP)

Member Assistance Program (MAP) is just that, a program to assist our Members. This is a Member Service for “Members Only” and you must be a paid Member in “Good Standing” and lo-gin to participate in MAP.

MAP was developed to assist our Members in their day to day tasks, find out what your peers are doing at other facilities within the province. Do you need a policy for a new procedure, do you want to know who cleans up blood spills at other facilities, what products other facilities are using. MAP is here to help you.

Post your question on the MAP page, it will automatically get sent to all paid Members in “Good Standing” and they will have the opportunity to log-in and post their feedback, how cool is that!

MAP will save you time, generate some great discussions, solve many challenges you are faced with on a daily basis, help you and your fellow Members.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Helen Keller