Welcome to the Ontario Healthcare Housekeepers' Association

The Ontario Healthcare Housekeepers’ Association Inc. (OHHA) was formed in 1957, when housekeeping personnel gathered at the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) Annual Convention and formed an association of healthcare housekeepers. This group was dedicated to the advancement of healthcare housekeeping as an integral member of the healthcare team caring for patients and residents in healthcare facilities in Ontario. The OHHA has advanced that prime directive with providing opportunities for housekeeping management staff, lead hands, and those frontline staff looking to upgrade their qualifications as professionals through:

Education through the OHHA Professional Development Courses

Housekeeping Methodology
Infection Control
Laundry/Linen Technology
Professional Healthcare Housekeeper (P.H.H.), a certification process available to our Members. This certification process is continually upgraded to reflect the changing needs of our patients and residents. The challenges of our profession are ever evolving, managing ‘super bugs, adhering to cleaning standards, budget issues, labour issues, etc.

Continuing education upgrade for Front Line Staff

Front Line Staff Course
Annual Conference and Trade Show offering “hot issues” topics of the day, presented by recognized experts and your peers

Ontario Healthcare Housekeepers' Association Membership

The OHHA distributes news to Members ‘as it happens’. Read the latest from Public Health Ontario (PHO), Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOH), Canadian Sanitation Supply Association (CSSA), Canadian Coalition for Green Health Care, and our Affiliate Partners.

The OHHA developed the “Cleaning Standards for Health Care Facilities”, a nationally recognized document used by many healthcare agencies, acute care and long term care facilities across Canada. This document is given to all new Members of the OHHA.

The OHHA sponsors an annual “Housekeeping Week”, recognizing housekeeping front line staff and management staff for their contributions as an integral part of the healthcare team, dedicated to providing a clean, safe, and healthful environment for patients, residents, staff, and visitors.

We urge to encourage your staff that manage and supervise your housekeeping activities to inquire about Membership in the Ontario Healthcare Housekeepers’ Association. Make your front line staff aware of the Front Line Course. We want to ensure that our Members have the “tools” necessary to provide the best environments for our patients, residents, staff, and visitors to our healthcare facilities.

Sincerely, partners in the care of our patients and residents.

Lori Bowerman, Past Chair

OHHA Member Assistance Program (MAP)

Member Assistance Program (MAP) is just that, a program to assist our Members. This is a Member Service for “Members Only” and you must be a paid Member in “Good Standing” and lo-gin to participate in MAP.

MAP was developed to assist our Members in their day to day tasks, find out what your peers are doing at other facilities within the province. Do you need a policy for a new procedure, do you want to know who cleans up blood spills at other facilities, what products other facilities are using. MAP is here to help you.

Post your question on the MAP page, it will automatically get sent to all paid Members in “Good Standing” and they will have the opportunity to log-in and post their feedback, how cool is that!

MAP will save you time, generate some great discussions, solve many challenges you are faced with on a daily basis, help you and your fellow Members.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

OHHA Affiliates

Have a question you would like to ask?

We are available to answer any questions you may have and encourage you to contact us through email or phone at your convenience.

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Resources & Online Training

for Healthcare

Providing Training, Guidance & Healthcare Support Since 1957

Welcome to the Ontario Healthcare Housekeepers' Association

Dedicated to the advancement of healthcare housekeeping as an integral member of the healthcare team caring for patients and residents in healthcare facilities.

Vetted & Recognized

By Healthcare professionals and Leading Organizations.

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